How to Convert RPS Files

Advancements in digital audio software has made it easier for people to make their own music. Reason is a software package that provides a range of virtual instruments, sound effects and mastering tools for you to create your own professional songs from the ground up. When a Reason user completes a song, it is contained in a Reason Native Song (RNS) file that is only compatible with the Reason software. If you need the RNS file to be compatible with different media players, it can be converted to a more universal audio format, such as MP3 or WAV, with a third-party tool designed especially for use with Reason.


    • 1

      Download, install and run SkReasonExport (see Resources).

    • 2

      Click on "Input Directory." Navigate to the RNS file on your computer, highlight it with your mouse and click "OK."

    • 3

      Click on the drop-down box underneath "File type' and select ".rns" from the options.

    • 4

      Click on "Output directory." Select a location to save your new file and click "OK."

    • 5

      Click on the drop-down box underneath "Format" and select the type of audio format to which you want to convert your RNS. Your options are WMV, MP3 or Mid.

    • 6

      Click "Export."

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