How to Get to the Hit Switch on Driftwood Island in "Fable 3"


In "Fable III," you gain access to Driftwood Island after you donate 750 gold pieces to the investor in Millfields. When the investor builds a bridge to the island, you are free to travel there, but Driftwood needs some work before you can access every part of it. On the main island is a glowing orb, known as a flit switch, that moves when you strike it. If you hit the flit switch before completing all of the Driftwood quests, it will stop on a high ledge that you cannot reach. Once you finish the quests, you are able to reach it.

  • Enter Driftwood via the bridge in Millfields. The man on the beach gives you the "Pest Control" quest.

  • Follow the golden, glowing tail on the ground to locate all of the monsters in the area. Kill all of them. When you have done so, follow the trail back to the man to end the quest.

  • Wait for one in-game day and then go to Bowerstone. Enter the market and go into the pub. Talk to the gambler to receive the "Island Getaway" quest.

  • Walk with the gambler as he goes to Driftwood. Protect him from the bandits that attack as you travel. When you get him safely to Driftwood, the quest ends.

  • Wait for another day and go to the main island of Driftwood. Take the "Giftwood for Driftwood" quest from the man there.

  • Press "Start" and select "Silverpines" on the map to travel there. Follow the gold trail, killing any Balverines that bother you. At the end of the path, go inside the house and give the letter you were given to the carpenter. This concludes the final Driftwood quest.

  • Go to Driftwood. From the main island, go across the series of bridges. Head right and go up the hill. Cross the bridge and strike the flit switch there with your sword to send it to the next pedestal.

  • Strike the flit switch with a lightning bolt spell when it turns red, or a shot from a ranged weapon when it turns yellow. This keeps it moving toward your goal. When the flit switch reaches a Cullis Gate portal, it will go no further.

  • Go through the Cullis Gate. Your dog will bark and point to a spot on the ground. Press "Down" to take out your shovel and dig up a Gold Key.

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