How to Rescue Jean Grey and Nightcrawler in "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance"


In the video game "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance," the player is faced with a dilemma -- rescue either Jean Grey or Nightcrawler. Mephisto, a demon, captures both of these X-Men and dangles them in front of your team over a vortex. You can only save one; the other becomes possessed and battles your team. After the battle, he or she dies. Neither Jean Grey nor Nightcrawler is playable in the game (with the exception of Nightcrawler in the downloadable optional content of the Xbox 360 Gold version.) However, your choice will influence the ending of the game.

  • Undertake the Mephisto's Realm mission. Mephisto's Realm unlocks after you complete the Murderworld mission.

  • Make your way to the Sepulcher area. Battle enemies in Mephisto's Realm. After Ghost Rider joins your team, you will arrive at Sepulcher.

  • Defeat Blackheart. This mini-boss stands between you and the abducted X-Men. Destroy the glass chambers to weaken Blackheart before you attempt to strike him.

  • Rescue one of the X-Men. After you defeat Blackheart and move to the next area, Mephisto will present you with a choice. Save either Jean Grey or Nightcrawler. You cannot save both of them, not even with a cheat.

  • Climb the top of the stairs. When the stairs splits into two directions, move to the left cage to save Nightcrawler or to the right cage to save Jean Grey. As you approach your selected cage, you will automatically hear the X-Man's plea to save the other person. Once you are sure you want to save the one you have chosen, approach the empty pot next to your chosen X-Man's cage.

  • Hit the select button when a message appears on the screen to "Release Nightcrawler" or "Release Jean Grey." A flame appears in the pot. The other cage will automatically drop, and you will free your selected X-Man.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you save Jean Grey, Mystique, Nightcrawler's mother, will kill Professor Xavier in the epilogue of the game in revenge for her son's death. The X-Men will go their separate ways.
  • If you save Nightcrawler, Jean Grey will resurrect as the Dark Phoenix. The epilogue hints that she is on her way to exact revenge upon those who failed to save her.

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