How to Interact With Other People


Interacting with other people comes easier for some individuals. Extroverted people might have no trouble talking to people and making new friends, whereas introverted individuals might consider it a terrifying prospect to talk to people in a social setting. Perhaps you share this feeling; you may fear sounding stupid or putting your foot in your mouth. Whatever fears you may have when you interact with people, remembering a few important pointers can help to make your social situations less awkward and more successful.

  • Force yourself to relax. Take some deep breaths to slow your heart rate. Talking to people when you are nervous will only make the situation more difficult. Do not interact with anyone until you feel relaxed.

  • Join in a conversation only if you have something to contribute. Walking in on a conversation when you do not know what is being discussed will lead to awkward silence on your part, as you struggle to familiarize yourself with the subject of the conversation.

  • Tone down your emotions. Laugh if you think something is funny, but do not laugh until you cry or double over in laughter --- especially if you are in an unfamiliar social situation. You may find that you are the only one laughing when you sit up to catch your breath.

  • Focus on other people --- not yourself --- in a conversation when you interact with other people. Working up the nerve to talk can quickly backfire if you only want to chat about yourself.

  • Stick to light conversation topics, such as sports, music and movies. Avoid talking about politics and religion with people you are just getting to know. The idea is to keep the mood light and enjoyable.

  • Be smart and sensible when you interact with people. Do not make dirty jokes or talk with your mouth full of food. Try to be someone that other people like to be around, and you will do just fine when you interact in social situations.

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