How to Find Mai in "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards"


"Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards" is a 2003 Nintendo Gameboy Advance role playing game. It is based on the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" cartoon series and features the same card game elements for the battles. During the course of the game, the player has the chance to battle a blond haired girl named Mai Valentine, provided he can find her first. Since the entire game takes place in Domino City, the player has to explore and challenge everyone he finds in order to unlock new locations and information about the other duelists.

  • Walk left one screen after the game starts and you will find Mai standing next to the fountain. She is the girl with the blond hair wearing the black outfit. Stand in front of her and press the R" button challenge her. You won't be able to duel her just yet and she'll walk away.

  • Challenge all the characters you see that are standing still. These are the main characters in the game and once you have challenged them, the entire tournament will officially begin. You won't be able to battle any of them yet, but challenging them is a requirement in order to progress with the game.

  • Play the game and beat other duelists until the "Park" area becomes available. To reach it walk left two screens from the fountain where you first met Mai and you will get a map screen of the entire city. Move the yellow cursor to the "Park" which is on the far left corner of the map area and press the "A" button to travel there.

  • Walk one screen up from where you enter the park and challenge the man with the purple hair standing to the left. He will tell you that the only way he'll duel with you is if you have useful information.

  • Press "Right" on the d-pad so the "Yes" option is selected when he asks you if you know the location of "Yugi." Press the "A" button and he will start to duel with you. After you defeat him he will tell you about Mai and that he saw her by the "Building."

  • Go to the "Building" which is located at the top middle of the town map. Mai is found standing to the left of the entrance of the building. If you did not receive the information about her whereabouts from the man in the park she won't be found here yet.

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