How to Convert UTM to HHMMSS

The Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC, is the main standard for time measurement around the world. UTC is used online via the network time protocol, or NTP, and various other online time services. HHMMSS is a time display format, referring to hours minutes and then seconds. To convert your UTC time to display it in the HHMMSS format, you simply need to change the way you write it.


    • 1

      Find your UTC time, either by looking at a computer-based clock or another device that syncs with a remote time server.

    • 2

      Look at the time.

    • 3

      Write the first two digits in HHMMSS as the hour of the day it is; typically use 24-hour time. Then write the second pair of digits as the minute and the final pair as the seconds. For example, if the UTC clock shows a time of a quarter past nine in the morning, approaching 50 seconds, you would write 094550.

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