How to Convert SCFM to M3/H


Standardization helps ensure technicalities are dealt with in a uniform manner, but they also sometimes make life more complicated. For instance, many people assume converting from cubic feet per minute (CFM) to cubic meters per hour (M3/H) is different from converting from standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) -- wherein the flow rate of a fluid has been adjusted as per the conditions of temperature and pressure - to M3/H. The truth is that the process remains the exact same; the only difference between CFM and SCFM is the actual value.

  • Establish a relationship between ft^3/min (CFM) and m^3/h (M3/H) by using algebra.

    ft^3/min m^3/ft^3 min/h = m^3/h.

  • Plug in appropriate values into the equation from Step One. Because 1 foot is equal to .3048 meters, the second term becomes .3048^3/1. And because 1 hour is equal to .01666 minutes, the third term becomes 1/.016666.

  • Obtain the product of the two terms in the middle of the equation to establish a conversion ratio. .3048^3 multiplied by 1/.01666 equals 1.69. This is your conversion ratio.

  • Multiply the conversion ratio by the original value to obtain your final answer. Given an SCFM of 5, for instance, the final answer would be equal to 5 * 1.69, or 8.45 M3/H.


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