How to Create a Subdomain on Media Temple


Media Temple is a business-oriented Web hosting provider that was founded in 1998 and serves major multinational corporations as well as private individuals and small businesses. It offers grid (shared cloud), virtual private server and dedicated server packages, and you can manage any account using its intuitive control panel. You can easily create and add subdomains by using the Media Temple control interface to access and edit your list of domains and subdomains. Media Temple virtual private servers are equipped with the Plesk control panel, which you can also use to create a new subdomain.

MT AccountManager

  • Click the black rounded rectangle marked "Login" at the top right-hand corner of the main Media Temple page, just to the left of the contact phone number. Wait a few seconds for the AccountCenter Login page to appear.

  • Enter your primary domain (without the "www" prefix), your primary email address and your password in their respective fields in the login box to the left of the AccountCenter page. Click the blue "Log in" button with the lock icon at the bottom right of the login box.

  • Hover your mouse over the "Domains" tab in your AccountCenter panel and click "Add new" in the menu that appears.

  • Click "Add domain" under the "Add domain" label that appears on your control panel screen.

  • Type in a subdomain name of your choice. It should include a domain name that you have hosted with Media Temple, but it cannot include the prefixes "www," "mail" or "ftp." Examples of typical and valid subdomain names are "blog.mydomain.suffix," "store.mydomain.suffix" and "forums.mydomain.suffix."

  • Click the circle for "I already own this domain" and the circle for "No" under "Add hosting." Click the "Next step" button.

  • Use the pull-down menu that appears to select between multiple server accounts that you have set up with Media Temple. Otherwise, leave the pull-down menu at its default setting. Click on the "Next step" button to reach the "Overview" page of the AccountCenter.

  • Check your list of domains to see if your new subdomain appears. Check under the specific server you chose, if you have more than one account with Media Temple.

  • Log out of your AccountCenter control panel once you have finished any other administrative tasks you may need to handle.

Subdomains in Plesk

  • Access your Plesk control panel login page by typing your server IP address followed by a colon and 8080. Or, you can type any of your domain names that you host on your Media Temple virtual private server account followed by a colon and 8080.

  • Enter your administrator or control panel user login name and the corresponding password in the respective fields of the login box and then click the "Log in" button at the lower right-hand corner of the login box.

  • Wait for your MT-branded Plesk control panel homepage to appear and then click the "Websites and domains" tab, which is the center tab on the toolbar below the "MT" logo.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see your listing of domains for the server. Click the "Add new subdomain" button above the list and wait a few seconds for the subdomain creation page to appear.

  • Enter your subdomain prefix (such as blog, help, forums, store, service) in the "Subdomain name" field and use the 'Up" and "Down" arrows in the domain field to select the domain that the subdomain will be attached to from the list of domains you have hosted on your Media Temple server.

  • Check the address path that is automatically generated in the "Document root" text field under the subdomain name and edit the text if you want a different path name (this is not usually recommended).

  • Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the dialog box to return to the "Websites and domains" page. Make sure your new subdomain is listed under the domain for which you set it up, and click on it to edit it if there are any errors. (If it is listed under the wrong domain, you can also click on it, return to the fifth step, and use the "Up" and "Down" arrows to make sure you select the right domain.)

  • Exit your Plesk control panel by closing your browser window.

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