How Do You Get Regirock, Registeel and Regice in "Emerald?"


Regirock, Registeel and Regice, also known as the three Regis, are legendary Pokemon that appear in "Pokemon Emerald." The three Regis Pokemon each appear only once in the "Pokemon Emerald" inside ancient tombs that are closed off to the player at the beginning of the game. In order to find and capture these Pokemon, you must first find a way to access the ancient tombs. Doing so requires the use of multiple Pokemon and a number of different abilities.

  • Prepare for unlocking the Regis Pokemon by teaching your Pokemon the "Surf," "Dig," "Dive," "Flash" and "Rock Smash" abilities. These abilities can either be purchased at item shops or are learned naturally through progressing through the game's storyline.

  • Catch the Pokemon Wailord and Relicanth. To catch Wailord, you must use the "Surf" ability in the water area of Route 129. You can also catch a Wailmer, which is commonly found in multiple areas, and evolve it to a Wailord. Relicanth is found in the sea grass in the underwater area of Routes 124 and 126. Both Pokemon are rare, so it may take a long time to encounter one.

  • Travel to Route 134 and use the "Surf" ability to swim out to the underwater diving spot. Use "Dive" to enter the underwater cavern and swim to the back of the cave. Read the inscription and then use the "Dig" ability to open the door.

  • Walk to the very back of the cave and read the inscription. Open your Pokemon menu and put Wailord at the top of your party list and Relicanth at the bottom. It does not matter which other Pokemon you currently have. Read the inscription again and the doors to the ancient tombs will open.

  • Travel to the Desert region and walk south to find the ancient tomb. Read the inscription inside the tomb and then take two steps left, two steps down and use the "Rock Smash" ability. The door to Regirock's chamber will open. Fight Regirock using your strongest Pokemon until he is fatigued enough to capture by using a Pokeball.

  • Travel to Route 120 to locate the ancient tomb of Registeel. Read the inscription inside the tomb, then walk to the center of the room and use the "Flash" ability. The door to Registeel's chamber will open. Fight Registeel using your strongest Pokemon until it is fatigued enough to capture using a Pokeball.

  • Travel to Route 105 to use the "Surf" ability to access the island where the ancient tomb is located. Read the inscription inside the tomb and walk clockwise around the room once, keeping as close to the wall as possible. The door to Regice's chamber will open. Fight Regice using your strongest Pokemon until it is fatigued enough to capture using a Pokeball.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a Master Ball to capture one of these Pokemon without having to battle first. You are only given one Master Ball, at the end of the game's storyline, so you can only use it on one of these Pokemon.
  • All three Regis Pokemon are encountered at level 40, so use Pokemon of equal or higher levels to have the best shot at capturing them.
  • Use the "Fly" ability to quickly travel to the different areas where ancient tombs are located.

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