How to Fix a Mongoose Chain


Your Mongoose bike may offer you a means to getting exercise, transportation or recreation but like any bicycle you will invariably have problems with your chain from time to time. Kinks in chains tend to be the worst culprits in creating problems. Correcting the issue with your chain may seem simple enough; however, Mongoose bikes have corrective devices on them known as derailleurs to keep the chain tense and in place. For this reason the process of fixing your bike's chain can become complicated. But a fix is available with the proper tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Chain tool
  • Vice grips
  • Identify the kink in your chain.

  • Prepare your chain tool to be placed on your bike's chain. Turn the handle counter-clockwise, which pulls the pin away from the inner base.

  • Turn the handle of the tool until you can fit one of your chain links into one of the two slots of the tool. Your chain will connect with the tool on one of two slots. You will use either the outer slot, used for disconnecting and reconnecting the chain, or the inner slot for loosening the chain.

  • Position your chain over the slotted teeth in the outer slot of the chain tool. The chain pins should align with the slot of the pin extractor.

  • Twist the handle in a clockwise fashion. Continue twisting the handle as the tool's pin will connect with the pin working its way into link.

  • Push the chain pin slowly through the first of the outer chain plates. Stop abruptly halfway to the second outer chain plate. Be careful not to push the pin out of the chain fully; you will not be able to get it back in, requiring you to shorten the chain or replace it.

  • Disconnect the chain. With a twist and a tug of the chain, it will disconnect. Use your vice grips to straighten your chain, pulling out the kink. If the kink does not release, you will need to perform the same actions, removing additional pins on the link to shorten the chain.

  • Reconnect the chain by attaching the link to the small part of the exposed pin. Twist and push the links; the chain pin will "click". Upon clicking, the chain pin will go back into the inner link allowing the chain to be held together.

  • Place the chain back into the outer slot. The exposed chain pin should face inward of the tool's pin. With the handle, tighten the tool pin until it pushes the chain pin through the chain link. Continue tightening until the pin has the same exposure on both sides of the link as the other links of the chain.

  • Open the chain tool, inserting the newly connected link to the inner slot. Turn the tool approximately a quarter turn to loosen the link, preventing it from being "stiff."

  • Check the link to make sure it is loose and not stiff. If it is stiff, repeat the loosening process, giving the tool another quarter turn.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful not to push the chain pin fully out of its position.
  • Make sure your chain pins are aligned with the chain tool pin.

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