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Internet relay chat (IRC) is one of the earliest chat protocols invented, around since before AIM or Skype. As in any community, if a member of the community is continually disturbing the peace, they may be asked or forced to leave. In IRC, the process of kicking someone out of a channel permanently is called banning. However, if the user has convinced you to give them a second chance, how do you actually turn the ban off? First you'll need to turn off Chanserv's ban if applicable, then -b them in the channel modes.

  • Sign into nickserv by typing in "/msg nickserv identify" followed by your username and password. If you're an automatic operator (AOP) on Chanserv, this will identify you and give you the necessary privileges to unban the user.

  • Get operator (op) status or higher in the channel where you want to unban the user. If you don't have Chanserv, you'll need an existing op to op you. Tell them to do so by typing in "/mode +o" followed by your username.

  • Check the ban mask for the specific user who is banned. How to do this depends on your IRC client, but usually you'll be able to do so by right-clicking in the main window and selecting "Channel Modes" or by double-clicking the main window.

  • Type in "/msg Chanserv unban" followed by the user's ban mask or nickname. This will prevent automatic rebans by Chanserv after they're unbanned.

  • Type in "/mode -b" followed by the user's ban mask. This will remove their ban mask from the channel. They should be able to rejoin the channel now.

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