How to Get Doomtrain in "FF8"


The Guardian Forces, or GFs, in "Final Fantasy VIII" are mystical creatures and deities that can be summoned forth to perform powerful magical attacks. Doomtrain, one of the many GFs in the game, is a powerful asset to have in your party. When summoned, Doomtrain will slam into your foes, causing them to be afflicted with all status ailments and greatly lowering their power levels. Doomtrain is an optional GF that you can only obtain by first unlocking the Alexander GF, and then acquiring several game items.

  • Play through the game's main storyline until you reach the boss battle against Edea at the end of Disc 2.

  • Select the "Draw" ability at the beginning of the fight and select "Alexander" from the draw menu. Defeat Edea using your best GFs, attacks and magic abilities.

  • Travel to Tear's Point in the Esthar region via airship or Chocobo, or on foot.

  • Open the treasure box near the Draw Point in Tear's Point to receive the Solomon Ring. This is a necessary item for unlocking Doomtrain.

  • Travel to the wasteland areas that surround Galbadia Garden to encounter Wendigos. Use the Steal or Mug ability on a Wendigo to receive a Steel Pipe. Continue this process until you have collected six Steel Pipes.

  • Travel to Grandidi Forest in the Esthar region to encounter Malboros. Use the Steal or Mug ability to steal Malboro Tentacles from a Malboro. Continue this process until you receive six Malboro Tentacles.

  • Travel to any item shop and purchase 60 Remedy. Use Alexander's Med LV Up ability from the GF menu to turn the 60 Remedy into six Remedy+.

  • Open your item menu and select the Solomon Ring after collecting six Remedy+, six Malboro Tentacles and six Steel Pipes. This will give you the option to summon the Doomtrain GF.

Tips & Warnings

  • Equip members of your party with the Initiative ability, as well as the Mug ability. When you begin a battle, your characters will get the first attack; with the Mug ability, that attack will also steal an item from the opponent. Use this combination to steal from foes and escape from battle so that you can quickly obtain the necessary items without having to complete every fight.

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