How to Increase Spinning Chances in "Elements: The Card Game"


After defeating an opponent in the online collectible card game "Elements," you will be presented with a "spinner" that sometimes rewards you with free cards. When you use the spinner it will select three random cards, and, if the three cards line up you will be able to add them to your collection. The spinner is an easy way for new players to achieve free cards to add to either add to their deck or sell to the store. Although there are no codes that specifically increase your spinning odds, there are a number of techniques that can quickly reward you with spins. The more you spin, the more likely you are to win.

  • Grind computer opponents. Within gaming communities, the process of playing the same computer opponent for a reward is called grinding. Remember, the spinner will only randomly select cards form your opponents' deck. This means if your opponent's decks have harder cards to beat, the spinner will have better cards to win. You should choose a computer opponent whose level and skill is slightly below your the strength of your collection. A rough guide for this would be: levels 1-10 play against Level 3 opponent; level 10-15 play against a T50; levels 15+ grind against a false god. The rest of this guide will discuss cheap decks to obtain that excel at grinding different types of opponents. All of the cards for each of these decks can be purchased from the shop. Each of the decks works better with rares, but you can play them with commons.

  • Choose Darkness as your starting element. Against level three and T50 opponents, a strategy based around the Devourer card proves to be quick and effective. Purchase Devourers until you have five of them in your deck. You will want your deck to have exactly 30 cards. You can also use Minor Vampire, Steal, Nightfall, Black Dragon and Drain Life. A sample deck might be five Devourers, four Black Dragons, three Drain Life, two Steal, two minor vampires, one nightfall, and twelve Obsidian Pillars. This deck will easily defeat every level three and most T50s. Set your "Mark" to darkness.

  • Save up money and cards so that you can buy a deck from the commons shop specifically for defeating the false gods. The least expensive anti-false god strategy revolves around the cards Dimensional Shield, Phase Dragon and Golden Hourglass. Your final deck list should have five Dimensional Shields, five Phase Dragons, five golden hourglasses, two immortals, four Aether Pillars, and ten Aether Pendulums. Set your "Mark" to aether.

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