How to Detoxify Fluorides With Herbs

Symptoms of chronic fluoride exposure include chronic fatigue, weakness, depression, headaches and nervousness. Chronic fluoride exposure can also cause seriously dangerous complications, such as brittle bones, anemia and damage to internal organs. It can be difficult to avoid fluoride, as it is put into shared water supplies and in most toothpastes. Luckily, several herbs can promote wellness to help your body detox from fluorides and other damaging toxins. While some herbs can be ingested, others help your body when used externally.

Things You'll Need

  • Dried yarrow or yarrow tea
  • Dried comfrey
  • Dried chickweed or chickweed tea
  • Epsom salt
  • Milk thistle tea
  • Dandelion tea


    • 1

      Drink plenty of non-flouridated or filtered water while you detoxify your body. Avoid drinking unfiltered from the tap, as it contains fluoride and drinking is counterproductive to your goals.

    • 2

      Exercise for a half hour daily, if possible, to sweat out fluoride and other toxins.

    • 3

      Steep a tablespoon of yarrow and a tablespoon of comfrey in hot water. Yarrow is a stimulating herb that causes the body to sweat. The herb comfrey encourages toxins to leave the body.

    • 4

      Draw a hot bath and add 1 or 2 cups of Epsom salts to the water. Epsom salts help to detoxify by drawing harmful toxins out of the skin.

    • 5

      Add the steeped yarrow and comfrey to the hot bath, and relax in the bath for as long as you feel comfortable.

    • 6

      Drink loose leaf and high quality teas of milk thistle and dandelion. Both of these herbs help to detox the liver. Some teas have small amount of fluoride in them naturally, but high quality teas usually have lesser amounts.

    • 7

      Drink tea made from chickweed to aid kidney health during your fluoride cleanse. Chickweed is a very common weed that can be found in gardens and fields, which makes it possible to harvest it yourself.

    • 8

      Avoid drinking green teas during this time, as they naturally contain high amounts of fluoride.

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