How to Figure the Percent of Construction Costs


Building your own home generates a lot of different costs, and the biggest of these is construction. When you are done building your home, you can determine the percentage of your overall cost that went toward construction, and you can also determine what percentage of the overall construction budget each parts of the construction process comprised.

  • Calculate the total cost of the project. This includes construction, legal fees and any other costs. Write the total cost at the top of a blank piece of paper.

  • Determine the total cost of construction. This includes all aspects related to building and construction, such as the contractor's fees and any supplies you bought. Write this number at the top of the page.

  • Divide the total cost of construction by the total cost of the project. This produces a decimal. Move the decimal point two spots to the right. If the decimal is not that long, add in a zero where there is not a point. For example, ".2" will become "20."

  • Round the decimal in the thousands spot. If the ten thousands spot is four or below, round the thousands spot down. If the ten thousands spot is five or above, round the thousands spot up. For example, "2.754" will become "2.75" while "2.756" will become "2.76." Attach "percent" or "%" to the end of the decimal.

  • Determine the percent of each type of construction out of the construction budget by finding the cost of each category of construction. Create whatever categories you want. For example, you might break the categories up by room, such as kitchen and bedroom. Or you might break categories up by materials, such as contractor and building materials.

  • Divide the cost of one part of construction by the total cost of construction. For example, divide the cost of building the kitchen by the total cost of construction. Turn this into a percentage using Step 4. This percent represents the percent of total construction costs that specific part of construction took up.

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