How to Make a Bow Stringer


Stringing long or recurve bows can be much easier with the use of a bow stringer. There is no need to go out and purchase an expensive, commercially available model. Why not just make your own? With a simple length of thin rope, you can easily construct a bow stringer that will enable you to string almost any bow with ease and comfort.

Things You'll Need

  • Thin rope, 9- to 10-feet
  • Tie a loop about 4 inches in diameter on either end on the rope.

  • Examine the ends of your bowstring. One loop will be larger than the other. Feed this loop over the upper arm of the bow, over the string nock and onto the arm itself.

  • Set the smaller of the two loops onto the nock on the lower arm of the bow.

  • Place the two loops of your bow stringer over each end of the bow, closer to the handle of the bow than either end of the bowstring. Hold the bow horizontally, with the upper arm facing to your right and the lower to your left.

  • Step on the slack of the bow stringer with both feet and pull upward on the handle of the bow with your left hand. The stringer will pull the arms of the bow down while you pull the handle up.

  • Slide the bowstring loop into its nock position at the end of the upper arm of the bow. Your bow is now strung.

  • Remove the stringer from the bow by sliding the loops off either end of the bow. To destring your bow, follow the same instructions in opposite order.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a length of rope that is stronger than the bowstring.
  • Tie loops in your stringer with knots that will not allow the loop to slip, such as a bowline knot.

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