How to Raise a Female Shepherd & Rottie Mix

This puppy is adorable, but she will get big.
This puppy is adorable, but she will get big. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Raising a puppy involves more than basic food and water care. The dog must see a veterinarian on a regular basis and the owner must train the dog. At the very least, the dog needs to be trained to go to the toilet outside. Individuals electing to buy a shepard/rotweiler mix need to understand the basics of both dog breeds, and when the dog is female, smart owners need to understand the demands of the female canine.

Things You'll Need

  • Dog kennel
  • Dog leash
  • Dog tag
  • Area for dog to roam
  • Reputable veterinarian

Register your dog with your town immediately. This dog mix does not typically wander, but accidents happen and you want your dog returned if she gets lost. After you register the dog in town hall, you will receive a dog tag that attaches to the collar. Keep this tag on your dog at all times.

Train your dog immediately. The shepherd breed prefers to take dominance and the rottweiler breed becomes a very strong adult. A mix in these breeds will get unruly if you do not establish dominance immediately. To establish dominance, never allow the dog on any furniture. Do not sit on the floor with the dog. You need to remain in a position above the dog. End all play on your terms and with the toy in your hand. Eat before your dog and train your dog to wait for your permission to eat.

Handle the dog's ears, paws, tail and mouth daily. This action shows the shepherd dominance and reduces aggressive tendencies in the rottweiler. She will understand you are in charge and she will not become defensive when you or someone else touches these body parts if they are touched on a regular basis.

Exercise her daily. She has a lot of energy and a great need to be near you, as her genetics are working against her. Shepherds tend to become overweight with no exercise, and rottweilers become unruly from boredom when ignored. Give your female mix fewer reasons to misbehave with daily exercises, such as walks or time running in the yard.

Socialize her often. Typically, shepherds are timid before socialization and rottweilers will begin to dislike different situations other than your home if they are not socialized. Take her to other homes and clean places before six months old. After six months old, her immune system will be strong and she can begin to socialize at dog parks and open areas. She needs to be in every type of situation possible to combat timidness or aggression.

Move your puppy out of the car with a kennel or by lifting her yourself before the age of six months. Rottweiler puppies have weak joints that break easily with jumping, and you do not want to take the chance that your dog has inherited this trait.

Spay your pet if you do not wish to breed her around six months of age. If you are going to breed her, learn to recognize her time in heat. She will go into heat between the ages of six to 24 months old, but she should not be bred during the first heat. Learn to recognize your dog's unique traits when she is in heat; most dogs become nervous, alert and more apt to accidents in the house.

Tips & Warnings

  • Practice responsible breeding by reading about breeding dogs so you do not harm your dog. Choose a male of a shepherd or rottweiler inheritance to gain specific species traits.
  • Never allow your dog to run free. Dogs, though trained, may be misunderstood by other humans and harmed. Dogs also do not have enough sense to move away from cars, and could be hit in the road.

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