How to Deal With Bullying at Work from Coworkers & a Bad Boss

Don't let bullying affect your productivity at work.
Don't let bullying affect your productivity at work. (Image: Images)

Bullying isn't a problem that only affects school-aged children. Bullying can occur at any age, and workplace bullying from coworkers or a bad boss is common in some work environments. Coworkers or bosses may poke fun, yell, use abusive speech or employ intimidation methods, making you dread going to work each day or consider quitting your job. However, rather than live with this type of abuse, you can learn tactics to cope with workplace bullies and improve the atmosphere at work.

Do your job well. A bullying coworker may spread negative rumors about your work performance in order to see you fail. Let your actions speak for itself and continue to work hard each day, be productive and complete assignments by due dates.

Speak up. Bullies typically prefer easy targets, or people whom they feel are easily intimidated. Rather than sit back silently while a boss or coworker pokes fun at you, respectfully defend yourself; firmly tell her to stop the bad behavior or ask her to leave your office.

Keep a record of the bullying incidents. Whether you're being bullied by a coworker or boss, keep track of all occurrences. Write down the date and a description of every incident. If you ever need to file a complaint with the company, you can refer back to this document.

Surround yourself with others. A bullying coworker or boss may look for opportunities to be alone with you. Keep yourself in view of other people in order to avoid being cornered and bullied.

Confront the bully. Ask to speak with your boss or coworker in private to fix the situation. Don't sink to his level by responding in kind. Be strong, but don't yell or show a bad attitude. Address the issue by providing examples of when the bullying occurred, and then kindly ask him to stop this behavior.

Report the bullying. If you can't resolve bullying yourself, report bullying coworkers to your boss, or talk with the human resource department or another superior or manager if dealing with bullying from a boss.

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