How to Boondock a Snowmachine


Back country snowmobiling requires a skilled operator who understands how to adjust his riding to the different trail conditions. When riding off the groomed trail, in deep powder, boondocking is an effective method of steering your snowmobile. Boondocking is a bit like surfing on water in that you use the position of your weight of the machine to ride the powder. Counter-intuitively you can steer in the opposite direction than you want to go, because the track of the snowmobile is providing the turning friction.

Things You'll Need

  • Deep powder snow conditions
  • Find a location with no trees or rocks that you can run into while learning how to boondock. It's helpful if you understand the conditions of the ground beneath the snow so you don't hit something you can't see.

  • Position your feet near the back of both foot rails and stand in a crouched position.

  • Press the throttle with your hand and bring the snowmobile up to 5 to 10 mph.

  • Reposition your weight to the side of the snowmobile that is on the inside of the turn. Lean as far back, and to inside of the turn as possible, while adding throttle.

  • Reposition both feet on the same foot tunnel that is on the inside of the corner and pull the snowmobile with your hands back and towards the inside of the corner.

  • Adjust your weight back to the center of the snowmobile to exit the corner.


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