How to Become a Vampire in "DragonFable"


"DragonFable" is a free-to-play online game for the PC that allows players to control two separate avatars: a dragon and its trainer. Both avatars can experience a variety of changes and evolutions that make the character stronger, but one of the most unique changes is the ability to turn the trainer into a vampire. The altered state will make the character much stronger in combat and provide it with several additional abilities.

  • Travel to the city of Amityvale. You can travel to Amityvale by going to the inn in Falconreach and selecting it from the Travel menu inside of the building. You will be placed at the entrance to the city.

  • Move to the right five screens. This will place you at a fork in the road. You will have the option of taking the high or low road. Take the high road.

  • Move to the right several screens until the Necromantress approaches you. She will explain that she needs assistance completing quests.

  • Complete the Necromantress's quests. You will only have to complete three quests for the non-player character, two of which involve simple tasks like eliminating bats from the area. Once completed, go back to the Necromantress.

  • Talk to the Necromantress. In exchange for completing her quests, she will agree to give you passage to the Vampire Tower.

  • Fight your way to the top of the tower. There will be dozens of enemies you will have to defeat on the way up the tower, most of which resemble undead creatures like weaker vampires and bats. Once you reach the top of the tower, Lord Frydae will be waiting for you.

  • Talk to Lord Frydae. You will discuss the Necromantress in your conversation, at which point he will offer to turn you into a vampire.

  • Click the "Yes" option to become a vampire. You will now have heightened strength and access to extra abilities.

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