How to Get Into Dr. Young's Office in "Batman: Arkham Asylum"


In the course of "Batman: Arkham Asylum," you will need to locate a series of research notes before the Joker does. Dr. Penelope Young, a lead psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, put together these research notes that relate to a secret project called Titan. As you explore the Arkham Mansion searching for these notes and clues as to Dr. Young's whereabouts, you will need to access Dr. Young's office. However, when you attempt to enter through the door, you will find it electronically sealed.

  • Grapple into the vent above Dr. Young's office door. The duct is located slightly to the right and above the door.

  • Crawl through the vent and run across the grates to the upper left corner of the area. Enter and crawl through the second vent you see there.

  • Jump down into the morgue at the exit of the second vent and defeat the three Asylum escapees.

  • Climb the stairs. Locate the covered vent to your left. Use the Batclaw on the vent to destroy the cover. Grapple into the vent and crawl through.

  • Select "Open" when you reach the end of the vent and the "Open" option command appears. This will activate a scene in which Batman will kick the vent cover at the end of the tunnel and open the way into Dr. Young's office. Jump down and you will be in the office.

Tips & Warnings

  • After the first vent, run to the back right corner of the room to collect a Riddler Trophy.
  • Do not get sidetracked by the electronically locked door. You must enter the vent to enter Dr. Young's office. You will never open the door.

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