How to Rotate a Drawing Without Rotating the Text in AutoCAD


AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting program by Autodesk that allows the designer to draft quickly and efficiently. Often times text or annotations are added to AutoCAD drawings that the creator wishes to keep in the original position while rotating the rest of the drawing. It is imperative to understand how to first create separate layers within the drawing. Then, it is important to know how to manipulate only certain layers, or how to turn these layers on or off with the click of your mouse.

Things You'll Need

  • AutoCAD software

Creating Layers

  • Click the "Layer Properties" button on the AutoCAD home screen under the "Home" tab at the top of the screen. The "Layer Properties Manager" window will appear.

  • Click the "New Layer" button in the "Layer Properties Manager" window. Personalize the layer by simply typing a name for it under the "Name" column and assign a color and line weight by clicking under the "Color" and "Line weight" column. There are a multitude of colors and line weights available, so click the desired preferences for your text.

  • Click the "New Layer" button again. Create as many layers as necessary for your drawing, and assign them separate colors so they are easily recognizable. Select the "Close" button once you have created all of the layers you require for your drawing. You can add layers at any time during a drawing.

  • Notice that the current selected layer is seen on the home screen under the "Layers" tab in the layer pull-down menu.

Drawing and Rotating

  • Complete your drawing to the desired end result. Clearly label your layers as you go through a drawing to keep track of them. For example, you might want to label your text layer "Text" so that you can easily go back and change it if necessary.

  • Click the arrow next to the layer pull-down menu, which is located on the home screen under the "Layers" tab. This will bring up the entire list of your drawing layers. Notice there are glowing light bulbs next to each of the layers.

  • Click on the glowing light bulb next to your "Text" layer to turn it off. Notice that your text is not visible on the drawing anymore and the light bulb is no longer glowing. To turn any layer on or off for future reference, simply click the glowing light bulb next to the layer or click it again to turn it back on.

  • Select what you wish to rotate in your drawing by simply clicking and dragging a selection box around what you wish to rotate. Do this while your "Text" layer is turned off.

  • Rotate the selection to the desired angle by typing the word "Rotate" and hitting "Enter" on your keyboard or simply click the "Rotate" button under the "Modify" tab on the home screen. You can either type in the value of the degree of rotation by simply typing it in and hitting "Enter" or by manually rotating the drawing with your mouse.

  • Turn your "Text" layer back one once you have rotated your drawing. Notice that only the layers that were turned on and selected were rotated.

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