How to Podcast With the iPhone

The iPhone's standard iPod app makes it easy to listen to and download podcasts. However, if you want to "podcast" yourself -- that is, record your own podcasts and share them with others -- you will need a third-party application. Many apps are available to facilitate you, including AudioBoo, iPodcaStudio and Cinch. All of them do essentially the same things, allowing you to record, edit and upload or send your podcasts.


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      Open the App Store on your iPhone and tap the "Search" button in the bottom menu. Type "podcast" or the name of a specific podcasting app, such as AudioBoo or Cinch. Tap an app listing to read about it; tap "Back" to return to the list. When you find the app you want, tap the button with its price; then tap it again when it turns green. Enter your Apple ID and password to confirm the download.

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      Tap the "Record" button to begin recording, and tap "Pause" if you need to take a break.

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      Tap "Publish" when you finish recording if you are using Audioboo. Tap "Account" to access your account, and tap "Boo" to see other podcasts.

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      Tap "Save" if you are using iPodcaStudio. Tap "Edit" to manipulate your recording, and tap "Upload" to share your podcast.

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      Tap "Publish" if you are using Cinch. Tap "Account" to access your settings, and tap "My Content" to view your saved content. You can also add photos, share to Facebook and Twitter and tag your current location.

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