How to Create ePortfolios for Students

Many professors require or recommend that students maintain an ePortfolio. This tool is an easy and convenient method of tracking work and educational experience. It's easy to forget the details of many accomplishments during college. Taking down this information on a regular basis and storing it in an organized manner makes applying to graduate programs, internships and jobs easier and more likely to be successful.

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      Check to see that your computer's system supports ePortfolio software. You must have Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP or better, or Mac OS X or better.

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      Choose a host site to store the ePortfolio. Some institutions have their own access site using a student ID and password. Alternatively, anyone can use a public site such as

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      Setup an account and login on the homepage of the site you chose. Use your chosen ID and password.

    • 4

      Fill in the basic personal information you want to make visible to others in the "Guest View" page. At the top of the page, it's indicated that this information is visible to everyone.

    • 5

      Fill in the information you want a counselor to see in "Counselor View." When you need guidance from a career or school counselor, he should be able to access in-depth information about your experience in order to help steer you in the right direction. List all work, internships, and volunteer and educational experiences, even if you wouldn't necessarily put it in your final portfolio.

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      Add to your "Portfolio" page periodically. This is the accumulation of your most relevant experience. Format it as you would a professional resume or portfolio. Keep this organized, succinct and edited so that you can use it at any given moment for professional purposes.

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      Divide large, cluttered portfolios into two or more portfolios. Target each portfolio to a specific job, internship or other experience. These portfolios cannot be viewed by the public and are for your use when you need them for an application.

    • 8

      Check the "Visibility" button at the bottom of your ePortfolio pages if you want them to be visible to the public. Do this when you want a potential employer to be able to sign on and see a portfolio targeted to that position.

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