How to Play Solitaire Dominoes


Generally, dominoes is a multi-player game, but when a group of people is not available you can play alone. There are many different solo domino games, just as there are a number of solitaire card games. "Count them out," "Grace's patience" and "Castle rock" are just a few. There are also domino versions of classic card games such as "Concentration" and "Klondike." You can adapt these games for your own tastes and time limits or play them as instructed to help pass the time on a rainy afternoon.


  • Place all of the dominoes face down on the tabletop and shuffle them.

  • Select one domino and flip it over; this is the starter domino. Push aside the rest of the dominoes, leaving them face down.

  • Select five dominoes.

  • Place the dominoes in your hand, building off of the starter as you would if playing a multi-player game. Select a domino that has a number in common with the starter domino. Set the domino down on the board so that the common numbers touch, either vertically or horizontally.

  • Continue to place dominoes until all of the dominoes in your hand are used.

  • Draw five more dominoes and place them on the board in the same manner.

  • Repeat, drawing five dominoes at a time and placing them until you have used all of the dominoes. If you get stuck and find that you cannot place another domino, you lose the game.

Grace's Patience

  • Place the dominoes face-down and shuffle them.

  • Line-up the dominoes horizontally so that they form a long line.

  • Flip over each domino without moving it out of order.

  • Look for pairs of common numbers that are touching, such as the 0:0 domino touching the 0:1 domino. Remove the pair of dominoes that have contact between common numbers.

  • Push the chain of dominoes inward from the left and right ends to fill the gap where the dominoes were.

  • Repeat, looking for pairs and removing pieces until every piece has been removed. If there are still pieces remaining in the chain and you cannot remove any more pairs, you lose.


  • Turn the dominoes face down. Shuffle the dominoes.

  • Line-up the dominoes in a grid. The number of rows and columns will vary, depending on the number of dominoes in your set. A 28-tile set can be set up with seven rows and four columns.

  • Turn over two dominoes. Add up the total number of dots on both of the dominoes. If the number equals 12, the dominoes are a pair and can be removed from the configuration. Otherwise, turn both tiles face-down.

  • Repeat, turning over two tiles at a time and looking for pairs with a combined value of 12. When all of the tiles have been matched, you win.


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