How to Darken Lips


If you have light-colored lips that are either noticeably pale or fully lacking pigment, you can darken them at home without cosmetic surgeries, peels or medications. Knowing how to darken your lips at home doesn't take a lot of time or money, and it gives you the ability to deepen the hue of your smile. Dark-colored lips are sultry and attractive, compared to colorless lips that require lipstick and stains to maintain your look.

Things You'll Need

  • Petroleum jelly product
  • Mica pigment powder
  • Select a small pot of petroleum jelly product such as Vaseline or another off-brand variety. Petrolatum and petroleum products are known to darken the skin gradually. This is why you'll notice the bottoms of your feet darken when it is used to soften them. The same applies to your lips and other areas of the skin.

  • Mix a small amount of mica pigment powder in a rosy shade with the petroleum jelly product. For instance, if you're using a 2 oz. pot of petroleum jelly, add up to 1/16 oz. of pigment powder to the pot and stir it thoroughly. This tints the petroleum jelly, which lends to adding a healthy tone to your lips.

  • Apply a thin layer of the tinted petroleum jelly product to your lips like it is lip balm or gloss. Do this two to three times a day, or whenever your lips feel like they need a little moisture. Not only does this soften your lips, but it also temporarily adds a darker tint of rosy color to your kisser. In the long-term, use of this product will gradually darken your lips.

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