How to Convert Bushels of Corn to Tons


Corn production is often measured by the bushel, a volume that's equal to 8 dry gallons or about 35.239 liters. For very small-scale farming operations, corn may be sold by the bushel -- but for most commercial farms, it'll be sold by the ton of weight. Domestic transactions are usually handled in short tons, which equal exactly 2,000 pounds. But international grain transactions are usually conducted in metric tons, which equal 1,000 kilograms, or about 2,204.6 pounds. So before you start crunching numbers, make sure you're dealing with the correct unit of measure.

  • Determine the density of a bushel of corn depending on which type of ton you want in your end result. The U.S. Grains Council says that a bushel of corn weighs 56 pounds. So for metric tons, you would divide 56 pounds/bushel by 2,204.6 pounds/metric ton to get 0.0254 metric ton/bushel. For short tons, divide 56 by 2,000 to get 0.028 tons per bushel. And for British tonnes, divide 56 by 2,240 to get 0.025 British tonne/bushel.

  • Convert bushels to metric tons by using the formula density volume = mass. In other words, multiply the density of corn (0.0254 metric ton per bushel) by the number of bushels (volume). So if you have 400 bushels of corn, that translates to 400 bushels 0.0254 metric ton/bushel = 10.16 metric tons.

  • Convert bushels to short tons, or American tons, by again using density. In this case, you would multiply 0.028 tons per bushel by the number of bushels. So 400 bushels of corn equals 400 bushels * 0.028 ton/bushel = 11.2 short tons.

  • Convert bushels to the British tonne, or long ton, by multiplying the number of bushels by the density figure of 0.025 British tonne/bushel. For example, 400 bushels of corn equates to 400 bushels * 0.025 British tonne/bushel = 10 British tonnes.

Tips & Warnings

  • The U.S. Grain Council's conversion factor of 56 pounds per bushel applies only to corn and sorghum. Other grains require different conversion factors: 48 pounds/bushel for barley and 60 pounds/bushel for wheat and soybeans.

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