How to Use a Quack Whistle

A quack or duck whistle is a small instrument that makes a quacking sound when blown. Duck hunters use them to attract ducks. Using a quack whistle properly requires understanding the proper method of creating quacks. Quacking with it improperly can make your call sounds unnatural to the ducks, scaring them away instead of bringing them closer. There are several brands of quack whistles on the market, but all use the same basic method.

Things You'll Need

  • Quack whistle


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      Hold the handle of your quack whistle and place the blowing end into your mouth. Press your lips against it firmly.

    • 2

      Blow into the quack whistle while saying short syllables such as "quack" to create the basic quacking sound from your whistle. Blow short and quick to more closely simulate the quacking sound of a duck.

    • 3

      Vary the force with which you blow into the quack whistle to create a wavering tone. Use this wavering tone to better simulate the natural call of the duck. Try to make the tone raspy sounding for the best effect.

    • 4

      Change the tone and speed of your calls to mimic the sounds of a duck more fully. Do not call repeatedly or you may scare away or irritate the ducks and make them fly away.

    • 5

      Repeat the steps until you have successfully called ducks to your hunting position.

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