How to Report Housing Choice Voucher Fraud in Gwinnett County, Georgia

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs administers a housing voucher program on behalf of low-income residents of Gwinnett County, Georgia. The program provides a voucher to program participants. The voucher pays the participant's rent. Fraud undermines the integrity of the program. Program guidelines terminate those who commit fraud from the program and permanently bar them from future consideration.


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      Review the definition of fraudulent activity. Does the cause of concern constitute fraud or is it considered abuse? The Georgia Department of Community Affairs describes fraudulent and abusive activity in its Housing Choice Voucher Program Administrative Plan publication. The publication is available for download from the department's website. Chapter 18 describes abuse and fraud. Use this description to determine the true nature of the offense.

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      Document the offense. Prepare as many details as possible. Each fraud report will be reviewed by a department compliance officer. The officer must document the details prior to referring the case to the District Attorney and the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Special Agent for possible prosecution. Your detailed report assists the officer in submitting a case that will hold up in court. Details assembled by the department include, name of the violators, alleged abuse, names of witnesses, time period of the offense's occurrence and amount of monetary loss.

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      Report the fraud to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. Contact the department at (800) 359-4663 and request the Section 8 Voucher Program Compliance Officer for Gwinnett County. Provide the officer with your report.

      Georgia Department of Community Affairs

      60 Executive Park South, NE

      Atlanta, GA 30329

      (404) 679-4940

      (800) 359-4663

Tips & Warnings

  • The Georgia Department of Community Affairs must report the amount of program fraud and abuse activity on a monthly basis.
  • If your fraud report involves staff members of the department, the report will be sent directly the department's Assistant Commissioner and members of the management team.
  • In 2010, Georgia law enforcement officials conducted a crackdown on housing voucher program fraud. The effort resulted in the arrest of approximately 80 individuals accused of more than $1 million in fraudulent activity.
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