How Do I Use a Porter Cable Bammer?

How Do I Use a Porter Cable Bammer? thumbnail
Learn to use your Bammer for your light wood-working projects.

In the arena of remodeling, carpentry and general construction, portable power tools offer a necessary convenience. The "Bammer" is a type of nail gun that uses a technology known as "fuel cells" for powering the equipment. The Bammer is popular because it is easy load the nails, has no compressor and does not require air hoses. Using your Porter Cable Bammer takes little effort and can be done with little knowledge or experience.

Things You'll Need

  • Nail strips
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      Load your Bammer with a strip of nails. Depress the latch atop the Bammer.

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      Slide open the magazine cover inserting a nail strip into the magazine. The strip should point downward and make contact with the bottom of the magazine, which guides each nail for secure placement.

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      Close the magazine cover.

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      Grip the tool with a firm hold, aligning it with the item to be nailed.

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      Press the Bammer squarely against the surface area and hold the trigger down. The tool will fire a nail with each press of the trigger.

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