How to Learn About the Seven Sacraments

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Catholics use the sacrament of reconciliation to reconcile with God.

Celebrating the seven sacraments of the Catholic faith demonstrates what is important and significant to believers. The seven sacraments are baptism, Eucharist, reconciliation, confirmation, marriage, holy orders and the anointing of the sick. Each sacrament is celebrated at a specific time. This could be during the mass or outside of usual mass celebrations. Learn about the sacraments by reading about them and participating in ceremonies.


  1. Participate in Sacraments During Mass

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      Listen to the verses associated with the Eucharist ceremony. Eucharist is the nourishment of the soul through the body and blood of Christ. Through this ceremony Catholics learn again that Christ died for mankind's sins.

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      Learn about a sacrament by either participating or witnessing the event. Confirmation is the sacrament in which an individual makes a dedication and deep commitment to the Catholic faith. Marriage is another sacrament celebrated during a mass. This ceremony is a public statement given by a couple about their commitment to love each other and God.

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      Participate in the sacramental ceremony of baptism. Baptism is usually done when an individual is a child, but it can also be done later in life. Parents who baptize a child must attend classes to understand the sacrament. Adults who wish to be baptized must do the same.

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      Attend a celebration of the sacrament of taking holy orders. Men and women who join the church as priests or nuns participate in a ceremony in which they take holy orders or dedicate their lives to the church. These individuals teach the importance of the sacraments and bring holiness to others.

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      Attend a ceremony of the anointing of the sick. Priests may bless the sick during a mass or administer last rights to the dying or anoint the sick in hospitals or their homes. This sacrament provides a healing force for physical and mental illness.

    Additional Ways to Learn About Sacraments

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      Join a Bible study group in your church to learn about the sacraments. These groups typically read and have discussions on various topics of the Catholic faith.

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      Read about the seven sacraments. Catholic churches provide information through booklets, mass services and classes on the sacraments. Many dioceses send out a monthly magazine to members of their congregations. These magazines discuss ways believers can participate and learn about the sacraments.

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      Research the seven sacraments online. EWTN ( is a global Catholic network that provides a great deal of information on their website and through television shows.

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