How to Get to Marleybone in "Wizard101"

"Wizard101" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game geared toward older children and preteens. The game has several worlds and centers around completing storyline quests to unlock new areas. In the game, Marleybone is a world featuring anthromorphic cats and dogs in an English-themed village. The village features iconic English landmarks like Big Ben, Scotland Yard and the Royal Museum. To reach Marleybone, you must first complete the previous worlds in the storyline.

Things You'll Need

  • Paid membership


    • 1

      Complete all of the Level 20 and Level 30 quests in Krokotopia. Krokotopia is the world you unlock after you complete all of the quests in Wizard City. You need to complete all of the quests in Krokotopia, the Krokosphinx and the Tomb of Storms. Don't forget to complete the quests from the Ghost of Krokhotep in the Well of Spirits.

    • 2

      Go to the Temple of Storms in Krokotopia. Walk through the rooms until you reach Krokopatra. Krokopatra is the ruler of Krokotopia and the hardest boss in the level. You need to defeat her to continue on to Marleybone.

    • 3

      Attack and defeat Krokopatra. She is a Rank 5 Boss with 1,200 hit points. Krokopatra is a member of the Storm School, so avoid using Storm-type moves on her. She is vulnerable to Myth-type moves.

    • 4

      Travel to Merle Ambrose's house in Wizard City. His house is in the city center.

    • 5

      Speak to Ambrose and tell him that you defeated Krokopatra. He'll give you the Spiral Key to Marleybone.

    • 6

      Open your map and click on Marleybone to travel there.

Tips & Warnings

  • Marleybone is a members-only area. You need a paid membership or crowns to unlock the area.
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