How to Use the Sugar Emulator on Ubuntu

Ubuntu includes a Sugar emulator package in its software repositories, allowing users to run the Sugar desktop environment in a window on their Ubuntu desktop. Sugar is a graphical user interface designed for children as part of the One Laptop Per Child, or OLPC, project. You can explore the Sugar desktop and test whether your applications work on it using the Sugar emulator package. The Sugar emulator works identically to the normal Sugar desktop environment, except the normal environment takes over your entire desktop.


    • 1

      Click the Ubuntu icon at the upperleft corner of your screen, type "Ubuntu software" in the search box that appears and press "Enter" to open the Ubuntu Software Center.

    • 2

      Type "Sugar" into the search box at the upper right corner of the Ubuntu Software Center window.

    • 3

      Select the "Sugar" package that appears in the list and click "Install."

    • 4

      Type your password into the password dialog and click "Authenticate."

    • 5

      Open the Sugar emulator after it's finished installing by clicking the Ubuntu icon at the upper left corner of your screen, typing "Sugar" and pressing "Enter." Sugar opens in a window on your desktop.

    • 6

      Click the Sugar logo icon to select a color, then click "Done."

    • 7

      Type your login password into the password dialog and press "Enter."

    • 8

      Click an icon in the Sugar window to launch a Sugar application.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Sugar emulator doesn't come with many activities, or applications, by default. Install more by searching for "Sugar" in the Ubuntu Software Center, clicking the "Show Technical Items" link at the bottom of the search results, selecting an application in the list and clicking "Install." Sugar applications are named "sugar-[name]-activity." For example, you can install Firefox for the Sugar desktop by installing the "sugar-firefox-activity" package.
  • Click the "Applications" menu and select "Ubuntu Software Center" if you're using an older version of the Ubuntu desktop.
  • You can also install the Sugar emulator by executing the command "sudo apt-get install sugar-emulator" in a terminal window.
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