How to Stop Condensation of Water With a Window Unit

How to Stop Condensation of Water With a Window Unit thumbnail
Condensation on windows is an issue in winter.

Water in the form of condensation building up on windows within a home is not a rare issue by a long shot. Many homeowners, as well as those who rent apartments, have experienced problems with window condensation. The buildup of moisture causes liquid to form, which can lead to damage. This damage can be as severe as wood rot or a mold infestation. To avoid serious complications, stop condensation in its tracks with some simple home remedies.


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      Add storm windows to your home. These windows will reduce the condensation you see on the windows.

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      Increase ventilation in your home. Vent things like clothes dryers outside, and open windows and doors if possible after creating moisture, such as after showering or cooking.

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      Get rid of high humidity levels near windows by running a dehumidifier.

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      Reduce moisture in your home by running exhaust fans and limiting things like taking long showers, using the clothes dryer or wet mopping the floor.

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      Open your fireplace damper to allow moisture to escape outside. Keep firewood outside at all times. It attracts large amounts of moisture and adds to condensation issues.

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