How to Treat Cracked Teeth

Dentists say that diagnosing a cracked tooth is difficult. The hallmark of a cracked tooth is a patient complaining of pain but not knowing exactly which tooth is causing discomfort. Often, dentists cannot see a crack in the tooth because the crack occurred inside or below the gum line. If a dentist determines that a tooth is indeed cracked, he will need to repair the tooth to prevent further damage.


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      Take an X-ray to determine the tooth's shape and to see if surrounding infections exist.

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      Complete a root canal. This removes the tooth's pulp chamber, which includes the nerve, and eliminates pain. Cracks that go through the nerve require this procedure because dead nerves cause abscesses.

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      Stabilize the tooth by inserting two posts inside the root. Once the nerve is removed from a tooth, the tooth can easily break. A post keeps the tooth working properly and provides extra stability.

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      Crown the tooth with a porcelain cap. A crown creates a solid cover for a tooth to keep it from further damage.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can't treat a cracked tooth at home, so see a dentist as soon as possible.
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