How to Incorporate Evidence-Based Practice in the Workplace

Evidence-based practice can improve the productivity and quality of work of employees.
Evidence-based practice can improve the productivity and quality of work of employees. (Image: Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Evidence-based practice is a well-established strategy in the medical fields and in policymaking. Companies are increasingly realizing that evidence-based practice can boost their bottom lines. Businesses that rely on evidence to inform their practices give themselves an advantage over those that simply put policies and procedures in place that executives think, but do now know, might be beneficial. Fortunately, incorporating evidence-based practices in the workplace is not as daunting as it may sound.

Identify the area of your business you want to improve. That may be a production process, a purchasing policy or even something related to your employees, like company-wide morale.

Gather evidence on the policy, procedure or problem you’re trying to solve or improve upon. Look at any data available on the policies, procedures or issues you want to improve upon. However, quantitative data alone is not enough. Seek opinions from your employees, customers and anyone else who might be affected. Anonymous surveys allow people to be honest in their assessments.

Review the data you gathered. Look for common threads. Employee surveys often contain valuable suggestions and insights that can be incorporated into solutions. Look at what has worked in the past and what your evidence tells you is clearly not working.

Review best practices in your field. Trade associations and journals may contain industry benchmarks and cases that you can review to further inform your practices.

Work with company leaders and employees to revise policies and procedures or create new ones in accordance with your findings. Soliciting people throughout your organization ensures that you get various perspectives.

Put the new practices in place by announcing them company-wide and training employees as needed.

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