How to Improve a SeaClone Protein Skimmer


The SeaClone Protein Skimmer is designed to remove organic metabolic waste from marine aquariums. This protein skimmer is a hang on model powered by a totally submersible Maxi-Jet 1200 pump. The pump is designed to produce micro-bubbles that swirl in a tornado-like fashion within the reaction chamber. The amount of air that mixes with aquarium water is controllable, meaning that the efficiency of the protein skimmer can be improved. This can be done by completely removing the turbo-venturi air valve.

Things You'll Need

  • SeaClone 100 protein skimmer
  • Marine aquarium

Hang the skimmer either on the back rim of your aquarium or on the rim of the sump. The sump is a glass or plastic reservoir which is placed below the main aquarium. Tubing connects the sump and aquarium.

Attach the submersible pump to the skimmer. Ensure that the pump is covered by 2 to 3-in. of aquarium or sump water.

Plug the pump into the power source and turn it on.

Ignore the instructions that come with the skimmer regarding the adjustment of the air valve. These instructions indicate that it is only necessary to remove the top part of the turbo-venturi valve.

Remove the entire turbo-venturi air valve from the air tube stem. Leave the skimmer to run for 30 seconds with full air flow. Once you have removed the air valve, the micro bubbles remain in the skimmer chamber and are not pulled into the overflow chamber and then into the aquarium.

Replace the air valve and adjust it very slowly. Continue to turn the valve until you feel resistance.

Turn the valve another 1/4 turn. Stop turning while the skimmer adjusts.

Continue to adjust the valve very slowly. Keep adjusting until you see micro-bubbles entering the aquarium.

Stop adjusting and turn the valve back slightly. Do this until the bubbles stop entering the aquarium.

Observe how the twisting action of the bubbles keeps them in the inner chamber. This allows for their correct upward movement into the skimmer’s collection cup. Check once more to ensure that there are no bubbles escaping into the aquarium.

Examine the collection cup within the next day or two. Now that the skimmer is functioning optimally, the cup should be filling up with dark colored foam made up of organic waste.

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