How to Get an Eevee Egg


Eevee, a normal-type Pokemon, is unique for being able to evolve into seven different Pokemon. Eevee is also one of the hardest Pokemon to find, as it is never found in the wild. The only way to obtain an Eevee in-game is to receive one from nonplayable characters as a gift. However, in order to get all seven of Eevee's evolutions, it is necessary to breed Eevee with another Pokemon to create an Eevee egg.

Things You'll Need

  • Eevee
  • Field Egg Group Pokemon

Making Eevee Eggs

  • Obtain the first Eevee as a gift or in a trade. In Generation II games like Gold and Silver, receive Eevee as a gift from Bill. In Generation IV games Diamond and Pearl, get Eevee from Bebe, or find one in the Trophy Garden. In generations after Generation II, the only option is to get an Eevee in a trade with another player.

  • Catch another Pokemon in the Field breeding group. Eevee can only breed with other Pokemon in the Field Egg group. Common, easy-to-find options include Rattata in Generation II, Poochyena in Generation III, Stunky in Generation IV, and Patrat in Generation V. Make sure the second Field Egg group Pokemon is the opposite gender from the original Eevee.

  • Leave both the Eevee and the Field Egg group Pokemon in the Pokemon Daycare. Put both Pokemon in together so that they can breed.

  • Walk around to give the Pokemon time to breed. How quickly they breed depends on the personalities of the Pokemon. Check with the Daycare Man frequently until he gives you the Eevee egg he found.

Tips & Warnings

  • Field Egg Pokemon tend to look like mammals. If the Pokemon has four paws and lives the land, then it is most likely in the Field Egg group.
  • Ditto, who has the ability to mate with any Egg group, can be used in place of a Pokemon in the Field Egg Group.
  • The original Eevee must be female in order to get an Eevee egg. To ensure receiving a female Eevee, save before receiving the original Eevee as a gift and retry until you receive a female. Otherwise, breed the male Eevee with a Ditto and try to hatch a female.

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