How to Get Pictures for Piczo

Piczo users don't need to learn HTML or any other programming language to create a website. Using the site's drag-and-drop features, users can add images, text and other media to a Web page with ease. Piczo will only upload images saved in three specific formats and will not load images that are too large. There are many sources online that offer digital photographs and clip art that you can use with your Piczo page.


  1. Get Images for Piczo

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      Download digital pictures to use on your Piczo page from Many of the photos on this website are free to use. However, free images come with a watermark. You can remove the watermark from the photo for a small price. This website offers images in a variety of sizes. Piczo will not load images that are too large, so stick with the small (400 x 267 pixel-sized) images. All images come in JPG format, which is compatible with Piczo.

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      Download free clip art from Microsoft. Microsoft offers a large variety of clip art to use with its software programs, but it also can be copied to your desktop. To download, right-click on an image and select "Save As." Save the image to your computer. All images are formatted in JPG, which is compatible with Piczo.

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      Collect images to use on your Piczo page from your digital camera or a software program on your computer. You don't need permission to use images you have taken or created. Make sure the images are formatted in JPG, PNG or GIF.

    Add Pictures to Piczo

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      Log in to Piczo and select "MyPiczo."

    • 5

      Select the "My Site" option in the Edit/View menu. Click "Edit" next to the site name that you want to add the picture to.

    • 6

      Click "Tools" and click on "Pictures."

    • 7

      Select "Choose Pictures" and select a GIF, JPG or PNG formatted image stored on your computer. Then click "Open."

    • 8

      Click the "Hand" logo in the top right corner to move the image anywhere on the page. Click the "Arrow" logo in the bottom right corner of the image to drag out the borders of the image to change its size.

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