How to Get a Primary Token in "TF2"


The Primary Slot Token in Valve's "Team Fortress 2" is an ingredient used in the crafting of new primary weapons for all nine playable classes. Weapons for every class are separated into three categories: primary weapons that do major damage, secondary weapons that offer quick damage or support functions, and melee for up close combat. Using the game's built-in crafting system, players can create any weapon that can be awarded through achievements or obtained through the random drop system that awards one weapon at random during regular gameplay.

  • Play the game until you obtain at least three spare weapons from the primary slot. It does not matter which class the weapons belong to, as long as they are weapons which are equipped in the primary slot. For example, you could collect a Soldier's Direct Hit, a Scout's Force-A-Nature and a Medic's Blutsauger.

  • From the game's main menu, click the button that reads Manage Items. Manage Items will take you to the equipment loadout menu. Click any of the characters at the top of the menu to customize the equipped weapons of each of your classes.

  • Click the anvil and hammer icon at the bottom of the equipment loadout menu to access the crafting loadout.

  • Double-click the three primary weapons you've collected from the first window, labeled Backpack, with the left mouse button. The items you select will be moved to the second window, labeled Crafting Area.

  • Check the third window, labeled Known Blueprints, for the message "Fabricate Slot Token." Fulfilling the requirements for a blueprint places the recipe, highlighted in red, into this window to indicate that this is the currently selected recipe.

  • Click "Craft It!" to confirm the recipe and turn the items into a Primary Slot Token.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Know Blueprints menu contains a list of all crafting recipes, which can be checked by clicking the "Check All Known Blueprints" button.
  • In order to craft a weapon using the Primary Slot Token, you will need a Scrap Metal, which can be created using any two weapons from a single class. Combine the token with the metal and one random primary weapon will be created for one of the nine classes.

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