How to Print on Avery 8315 From Hallmark Card Studio

Avery offers a number of office supplies, including labels, dividers and printing stock. The Avery 8315 note cards are 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches and can be used for business or personal note card creation. Avery offers a number of templates for use with the 8315 note card paper. The online templates can be edited to create the desired look, including adding your personal pictures.


    • 1

      Navigate to the "Avery" website and click "Templates and software," followed by "Design and print online."

    • 2

      Click "Start project" and enter your personal information to create an account.

    • 3

      Enter "8315" in the "Product number or description" box and click "Next" to select your design category.

    • 4

      Click "Next" to open the editing options. Click the image and click "Clip art gallery," "From file" or "Delete image" to change the background image. You can also rotate the image, add text boxes and change the re-existing text if any. Click "Next" after completing the edits to your card.

    • 5

      Load the card paper in your printer and click "Print your project." You can also click "Save your project" to save your creation to your computer for future use.

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