How to Make Illuminati Words


The Illuminati are a secret organization whose power and reach are often romanticized and debated. The Illuminati are an intellectual organization, and it came back into popular attention as a result of the Dan Brown novel "Angels and Demons." In the story, the Illuminati are responsible for a series of words that read the same way when looked at in one direction and when flipped around 180-degrees. Known as an ambigram, these word graphics can be made using nearly any word if an artist is talented enough.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Write out the first word you wish your ambigram to represent on a piece of paper.

  • Turn the paper 180-degrees, so the first word is upside down, and write your second word directly above the first word. The bottom of the words will thus be facing each other. You can repeat the same word so the ambigram reads the same either way, or use two words with a shared connection, such as the names of two members of a relationship, or an ambigram that reads "Life" in one direction and "Death" in the other.

  • Check for similar shapes that appear in the two words on your paper. For example an "n" aligned over an "r" is an excellent pairing for an ambigram.

  • Group multiple letters in one direction into one letter in the other, if needed. For example, in the "Illuminati" ambigram the "ti" at the end of the word makes the capital "I" at the start of the word in the other direction.

  • Mix both uppercase and lowercase letters, if needed. When stylized a word can be made to still look normal with both cases.

  • Repeat for all letters until you have created a basic outline for the ambigram.

  • Add detail to the design, fleshing out from the basic shapes to created a stylized look for the ambigram.

  • Examine the image in both directions and check to see if the image is readable.

  • Alter the design of the ambigram in areas that are difficult to read, applying the same principles used to create your first draft. If there is a section in the middle of the word that does not appear easy to read, you can fix the problem by changing the grouping, changing the case, altering the shape of the curve used to form the letters or changing the embellishments added to the basic curve. For example, while the "at" in "Johnathan" can be stylized as both lowercase, making the "a" into a small "A" with a right leg that extends down lower, forming the "t" in the other direction, is easier to read.

  • Examine the new ambigram design and alter again, if needed, until your design is readable right-side-up and upside-down.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is common for an ambigram to take multiple revisions before it is just right. Do not be discouraged if your first draft has multiple areas which must be tweaked.

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