How to Increase the Growth of Flowerhorn Fish Through Feeding


Flowerhorns are ornamental tropical fish which are aquarium spawned and do not occur in the wild. These interesting freshwater fish were developed in Malaysia and Taiwan by hybridizing different South American cichlids. Taiwanese legend has it that flowerhorns bring prosperity to those who keep them, and the fish is also sought after for its characteristic head protuberance and vibrant colors. These heavy bodied fish require at least two feedings per day and must be offered a diet that allows for maximum protein absorption, which encourages correct growth and development of their nuchal hump.

Things You'll Need

  • High quality commercial flake
  • High quality commercial sinking pellet
  • Fresh or frozen sea food, such as shrimps or prawns
  • Earthworms

Feed your fish twice daily, but offer only the amount that the flowerhorns can eat within a five-minute period.

Feed a high quality commercial flake food to young flowerhorns. Ensure that the flakes were manufactured from natural fish meal. Check the list of ingredients to make sure that the food contains no less than 48 percent fish protein.

Sprinkle the flakes near a power head or other filter, so they are distributed by the water flow to all areas in the aquarium.

Choose a high protein pellet for your adult flowerhorns. Ensure that the food contains at least 48 percent proteins from fish sources, such as herring, salmon and cod. Sinking pellets are preferred to floating pellets, because the fish typically gulps air from the water surface when feeding on floating food.

Check the ingredients on the sinking pellet container to ensure that the food that is rich in omega 3 and highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA). The correct protein and amino acid formula allows your fish to utilize as much of the ingredients as possible. The food is therefore principally absorbed and there is limited waste.

Ensure that the product you choose contains stabilized vitamin C, together with vitamins B12, A and E. These vitamins help to boost the fish’s immune system and enhance reproduction.

Look for a product that is supplemented with beta-carotene to enhance color of the fish.

Offer fresh or recently thawed frozen shrimp or prawns to your fish three or four times per week. These sea foods are highly nutritious and easily absorbed by fish. Fish and invertebrate animals, such as shrimp, contain unsaturated fats, while the fat of mammals is saturated. Your flowerhorns are not easily able to digest mammal flesh and fats, which it should not be fed.

Feed the fish earthworms once or twice weekly. Earthworms are available from you aquatic dealer and represent a nutritious and eagerly accepted food source.

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