How to Update Grades at UCLA

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) transfer students are required to update their grades with the university before they can enroll in any classes. This requires providing UCLA with a list of the classes in which they were enrolled and those classes that they had completed in the previous school year. If you are a transfer student who is beginning classes in the fall, you must provide UCLA with a list of your classes and associated grades from the previous fall, spring and summer semesters. Update your grades by having your previous school send your transcripts to UCLA.


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      Contact the registrar's office at your previous college or university. The registrar's office is where transcripts are recorded.

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      Ask the registrar to send your transcripts to UCLA. Provide all of the necessary information for completing the transfer process; your name, Social Security Number and student number.

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      Answer any questions the registrar's office has for you; some schools require more information to verify your identity, if you request copies of your official transcripts over the phone rather than in person. The registrar's office will send your transcripts to UCLA once your request is processed.

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