A Guide to Leveling From 40 to 50 in "Aion"


"Aion" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players can fight other players and monsters in a fantasy setting. Players can create a character that falls under the following four classes: Warrior, Scout, Mage or Priest. Each class has two subclasses. Players gain experience each time they defeat their opponent. Once players gain a certain amount of experience, they advance to the next level. Starting "Aion" at level one, your character will continue to gain experience until he reaches level 50.

  • Travel northwest of Red Mane Cavern. Stop when you come across a whole camp of different types of Spriggs such as the Spriggle Raider and Spriggle Sentinel. These Spriggs drop nine types of loot, including Kinah. Train on Spriggs until you reach level 42.

  • Fight the Crookhorns, Kurin and Daru that you will find near the town called Chaos. The Crookhorns and Daru are neutral so they won't attack you if you don't attack them. Yet if you attack a Daru, any others close by will attack you as well. Fight these monsters until you are level 44.

  • Find the Kurins that are southeast of Baltasar Hill Village. The Kurins here are level 44 and are great to train on until you hit level 46. Avoid the Undead that walk around this area.

  • Look for the Fast Orfaimam raptors that are east of Baltasar Hill Village and directly north of The Northweald. Fast Orfaimam raptors are level 46 while Orfaimam raptors are level 47. Only fight the Fast Orfaimams until you are level 48.

  • Stop fighting the Fast Orfaimams and move on to the regular Orfaimams at level 47. You may have some competition, since many people fight Orfaimams here to go from level 48 to level 50.

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