How to Check EVs in "Pokemon"


In the "Pokemon" universe, "EV" is shorthand for "effort values," points that are derived from trainer battles or from battles against wild Pokemon. These points are placed into the six stats of a particular Pokemon, such as its special defense, hitpoints or attack stat. Players can adapt a Pokemon's fighting style to encourage EV growth in one stat over another, crafting a stronger Pokemon over time. However, a player has a maximum of 510 EVs to use on a Pokemon — though he may always check his current EV rate to ensure that his Pokemon is growing as he wants it to.

Checking Effort Values After Max-Out

  • Travel to Sunyshore City, in the southeast corner of the Sinnoh region, northeast of Pastoria City, in "Pokemon Diamond" or "Pokemon Pearl." Travel to the Sunyshore Market, located in the center of the city, and speak to the woman behind the counter. She will give you an Effort Ribbon if you have used up all of your EVs; if you do not receive the ribbon, you still have EVs available to gain.

  • Speak to the woman at the lower left stall in Sunyshore Market in "Pokemon Pokemon Emerald," "Pokemon Ruby" or "Sapphire." If you have maxed out your EVs, you will receive the Effort Ribbon. If you do not receive the Effort Ribbon from her, you still have EVs that you can gain.

  • Find and consume berries that reduce EVs in "Pokemon Emerald" if you have maxed out your EVs. Pomeg, which reduces HP EVs, can be found in plants along Route 119. The player can find both Pomeg and Qualot berries, which reduce defense HP, along Route 123. Grepa, which lowers special defense EVs, can also be found on Route 123.

  • Travel along Route 115 and approach a row of three pink flowers to get the Kelpsy berry, which reduces attack EVs. Two plants in a dirt patch along Route 119 contain Hondew berries, which lower special attack EVs. In Sootopolis City, speak to Kiri to get a Tamato berry, which reduces speed EVs.

Calculating Effort Values

  • Use the Psypoke Stat Calculator, using your game as a reference while inputting your Pokemon's information. Leave the "EV" section blank and select "Submit" to get a base reading of your Pokemon without EV included. Then alter the EV value for your Pokemon and select "Submit" again; repeat until the stats displayed for your Pokemon resemble the stats of your Pokemon in the game. This will give you a rough estimate of how many EVs your Pokemon possesses in each stat.

  • Plan out your Pokemon's EVs training method as soon as you capture or trade for it. Most Pokemon opponents reward you with one to two EV points when they are defeated. Decide if you wish to specialize in a Pokemon's special defense or other ability before using the Pokemon in battle.

  • Keep a log of the Pokemon you slay. Look up how many EVs each opponent is worth, either before or after you battle it. Record the number of EVs listed; every four EVs earned results in a stat increase of one. These values can be used to calculate your Pokemon's EVs in each stat.

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