How to Get Past the Ghost in "Pokemon FireRed"


In "Pokemon FireRed" there is one group of Pokemon that can't be identified by the Pokedex, making it impossible to fight or capture them. These are the Ghost-type Pokemon and can be found in the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. The only way of uncovering the identity of the ghosts is with the Silph Scope, a rare device created by the Silph Co. that makes the invisible plain to see.

  • Enter Lavender Town and explore the Pokemon Tower in the eastern side. Inside find a number of trainers that want to battle you and also your rival. Play against their weaknesses. For example, if you started the game with a Squirtle, your rival will use Ivysaur so use a Fire type to easily win the battle. Exit the tower after defeating your rival as continuing up the tower only leads to a dead end and the only wild Pokemon there can't be caught.

  • Make your way to Celadon City and head to the Game Corner. Once inside, go to the back and inspect the poster on the wall. Find a hidden switch which reveals a staircase that leads into the Game Corner basement, the hideout for Team Rocket. Navigate your way through the hideout until you meet Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket.

  • Defeat Giovanni using all of your best Pokemon. For example, he'll start with an Onix so use a Grass or Water type to get him out of the way. Use a Water type if he uses a Rhyhorn. Giovanni's final Pokemon is a Kangaskhan which is very weak against fighting-type moves. Once Team Rocket's leader admits defeat he will disappear but leave an item behind --- the Silph Scope.

  • Return to the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town with the Silph Scope. Explore the tower further and find that the Ghost Pokemon can now be identified. Battle and catch them. When you reach the final staircase another Ghost Pokemon will appear. The Silph Scope will reveal the Ghost to be a Level 30 Marowak. Marowak can't be caught but it does need to be defeated in order for you to proceed. Once the Pokemon's HP reaches zero it will disappear with the message that it has departed to the afterlife.

  • Continue up the stairs where you fight a few more battles and eventually rescue Mr Fuji, a prisoner of Pokemon Tower.

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