How to Become a 5 Star Restaurant Chef

A chef uses fresh, high quality ingredients to create unique recipes.
A chef uses fresh, high quality ingredients to create unique recipes. (Image: Goodshoot RF/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

A chef is a kitchen professional who learns his trade through intensive classwork or long term on-the-job training. A chef knows cooking, management, food safety and inventory. A chef who runs a restaurant that is clean, efficient and sells original dishes with unique tastes may be recognized by reviewers and critics. The most famous recognition an establishment can receive is to be awarded stars by a travel guide. The highest rating offered by is a five star award. You can take your restaurant to the top by striving for perfection and originality in every dish every day.

Enroll in a culinary arts program at an accredited institution. Specialty culinary schools offer a three-year program. Many community colleges and universities offer four-year programs. Find a course that best fits your needs and will award you a diploma, certificate or degree upon completion.

Get a job as a line cook. Work your way through the various positions in the kitchen until you can perform all of them proficiently.

Pay close attention to every facet of kitchen work. Cooking, cleaning, supervisory duties and food orders are all necessary duties that can put you in a position to move into management.

Continue helping to run the kitchen for two years to become a chef. Excellence in food preparation and management responsibilities will allow you to obtain this title.

Work for an additional five years to become a sous chef. The sous chef is in charge of every facet of kitchen life, leaving his superiors free to expand the business.

Maintain your position for another three years to move into the role of executive chef. This position requires dedication, seemingly never ending hours and inventive recipes. An executive chef works constantly to modify the menu and perfect the techniques used in his kitchen.

Study cookbooks and recipes. Network with other chefs. Learn, modify and use techniques and recipes from around the world. Add your flair and personality to every dish and teach them to your staff.

Create your own recipes. Fads come and go, but a unique recipe will stand the test of time. Build your repertoire and display your talent to the customers at your restaurant. Consider publishing a cookbook or blog to expand your fan base and build your reputation.

Invite critics and reviewers from various travel guides that offer stars. Treat them with the same courtesy and respect that all of your customers receive. Impress the reviewer with the decor of your establishment, efficiency of your staff, cleanliness of your building and incredible tastes in each of your recipes.

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