How to Make a TNT in Minecraft


There are many objects to build in "Minecraft," a computer game released in 2011. Players must use objects found in the wilderness to create houses, weapons, furniture and explosives. TNT blocks are created by using gunpowder and sand. These blocks are used to create openings to caves or to defeat enemies. You must have the appropriate ingredients for each block of TNT you wish to create and then place them in the right order on your crafting table to make a block of TNT.

  • Left-click the sand on the ground to add it to your inventory. Do this until four blocks of sand are acquired. Sand is always found next to water and very rarely in caves.

  • Defeat Creepers, green enemies that appear at night and explode when you get nearby, to find gunpowder. Gunpowder does not appear every time a Creeper is defeated. Do this until five pieces of gunpowder are acquired.

  • Right-click your crafting table to open it.

  • Drag each gunpowder from your inventory and place one in every corner of the 3x3 grid. Place the last gunpowder in the middle section of the grid.

  • Drag each piece of sand from your inventory and place them in the remaining empty spaces. A block of TNT will appear on the right of the 3x3 grid.

  • Drag the TNT from your inventory to acquire it. The five pieces of gunpowder and four pieces of sand are used up and disappear.

Tips & Warnings

  • Place the TNT anywhere in the world and left click it to light the fuse.
  • Do not use a block of TNT near your chatacter; it can cause great harm and possibly kill your character.

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