How to Decorate a Nightclub With Class

A classy nightclub shies away from trends in favor of timeless design.
A classy nightclub shies away from trends in favor of timeless design. (Image: Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

A nightclub must have appropriate seating, interesting decor and fun lighting to draw partiers into the club. The washrooms must be immaculate and somehow different to set the club apart from its competitors, while the overall interior design of the nightclub must follow a theme that embodies the expectations of club-goers. The materials must also be durable and long-lasting to avoid frequent renovations and replacement. Luxury, beauty and functionality are the three key concepts.

Things You'll Need

  • Durable flooring
  • Luxurious fabrics
  • Fun seating
  • Effective lighting and special effects

Study the space and take measurements for all major spaces such as dancing, lounging, washrooms and the bar(s). Look at the floor plan for the entire space to decide where each element should be placed in relation to the others. Ensure the flow in the space makes clear sense to the average club-goer. For example, place the washrooms in an accessible area that can be easily located upon entry to the club. Make the bar central and accessible as well. Ensure that there is enough space for dancing in large open areas so no one feels cramped. If there are pillars in the space due to the club being below ground, fashion seating or pub-height tables around them for drinks while dancing, as they can provide solid anchors.

Gather together possible themes and choose one for the club. Make it simple but memorable. A nightclub with class does not follow trends. Use sophisticated materials such as glass, marble, dark hardwood, velvet, silk, satin and leather. These materials are all relatively durable if treated and placed properly. Follow the theme of the club so all elements look cohesive and not random.

Add seating that is comfortable, funky and functional. Use the walls for banquette seating to allow more floor space for dancing. Allow for small tables near the seating for the placement of drinks. Use silk or satin drapery instead of a wall to section off VIP spaces or special event areas, as the fabric will soften the overall look. The space is also more flexible with movable drapes rather than walls or partitions. Use leather for the seating, as it is durable, or velvet for that extra sense of luxury. Refrain from using too many colors as that can look too trendy.

Design a cool entrance using a water wall to set the tone for the other entrances in the club, such as the washrooms. The water wall will liven the space up but never go out of style. The effect is calming and interesting, and will match any theme or decor style.

Install durable flooring such as hardwood or marble for the dancing areas, or even another type of stone such as granite. These are easy to clean and do not age poorly. A rambunctious dance party will not damage the floors.

Tips & Warnings

  • Research successful nightclubs for inspiration and create a classy club from a plethora of new and different ideas.
  • Ask around at current clubs for information regarding club-goers' likes and dislikes.
  • Pay attention to the flow in the space and fire codes to ensure safety for the guests, as the club will be mainly dark during an emergency.

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